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Salsh is an Indie development studio. Established in 2018 out of shared passions for interesting Game play systems and inspired by optimistic space-age futurism, we strive to build Games that can serve as motivation for future generations. Salsh is currently Developing a Space Sci-FI Debut title.

Through the use of modern 3D scanning and motion capture technologies, we challenge ourselves as a newbie indie studio to develop and publish titles in high quality at an affordable price for millions of players. What is a crazy plan without a strong team behind it? Our small multidisciplinary team knows how to push boundaries in game development!



Game designer, Music Composer, Writer and arguably some other things As part of Salsh’s Development and Design team, he is responsible for creating character models, Composing Music and Writing Scripts. Outside Salsh, he pursues traditional Tech skills such as AI and Space Technologies.

Khurram gill


A lagging Game, Not with this gentleman. No one knows UNITY better than him and he uses his knowledge, hunger and drive to solve any programming issue at glance. Very driven and efficient. He also ensures that the 8 in the studio does not to be reduced to 7!

Aneel saleem

cinematic director

With love for details of the human body and face branded in his blood. He developed all characters for the game partially based on 3D body and face scan data. He is also passionate about cinematic. When it comes down to animations, no one knows better how movements look as real as possible, He is one of the finest